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Are you aware of NYC Title 15, Chapter 1?

Even though the federal government has banned asbestos for new uses, many existing building in New York City still contain some form of asbestos. New York City’s Title 15, Chapter 1, The Asbestos Control Program, provides rules and limitations for building owners and contractors for…

18 Jun 2013 Posted by Josh Sarett in Asbestos 1 comment

Does Local Law #1 of NYC Apply to You?

Local Law #1 is New York City’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 2003. If you own a building in New York City that was built before 1960, with 3 or more apartments, where a child under 6 resides, you have obligations under Local Law #1. ALC Environmental can help…

12 May 2013 Posted by Josh Sarett in Lead no comments

Are You Exposing Yourself to Unnecessary Liability?

educe Your Liability by Fulfilling the “All Appropriate Inquiry” Requirement. Amendments to the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) prompted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish standards and practices necessary to conduct “all appropriate inquiry”. “All appropriate inquiry” is a prerequisite to…

12 May 2013 Posted by Josh Sarett in Environmental Site Assessments no comments