he ‘Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992’, often referred to as Title X, emphasized the serious risks of lead to human health, while outlining new Federal requirements to help eliminate those risks.

ALC Environmental has been at the forefront of interpreting, developing, and educating businesses and individuals about the complex rules and regulations that Title X mandated. ALC’s specialists have spoken at numerous conferences about these regulations and have designed a program that will protect your property and its residents.

ALC lead services include:

XRF Inspection

A lead inspection or survey locates, categorizes and evaluates the condition of lead-based paint (LBP) or lead containing materials in a given area.  Using specialized, non-destructive testing methods, ALC is able to provide an instant determination if lead-based paint is present.  We are also proficient in testing water, air, soil and dust for the presence of lead.

Risk Assessment

Using Title X protocols, we will categorize and prioritize potential lead hazards utilizing visual inspections, renovation records and tenant and landlord information. Information about the condition, physical characteristics, and location of the paint, allows us to assess the likelihood of lead dust being released in the future and posing a threat to health and safety.

Project Design and Remediation Plans

ALC Designers will carefully design your project to ensure the affected lead areas are properly treated according to the applicable federal, state and local regulations. Special attention is paid to ensure workers safety.

Project & Exposure Monitoring

ALC Inspectors will carefully monitor your project to make certain the affected lead areas are removed properly throughout the abatement process.  Special attention is paid in maintaining the proper air quality to guarantee the safety of our workers.  Our Inspectors will ensure your project meets every federal, state and local regulation.

Visual Inspection

A paint condition assessment is conducted on all painted surfaces to check for signs of cracking, peeling or chipping on all painted surfaces. Our inspectors check for potential generation of lead dust through impact, friction, binding and scraping of painted surfaces.

Post Clearance Testing

In order to deem the project lead-safe and in compliance with regulations, post-clearance testing is performed. Dust wipes are taken and analyzed throughout the project site to guarantee the area is lead-safe.