• Asbestos can often be found in roof panelling.

    Asbestos can often be found in roof panelling.


ublic awareness regarding the dangers of asbestos has increased since the U.S. EPA banned asbestos for new applications in 1989. Since our inception, ALC Environmental has been dedicated to safely removing asbestos hazards that threaten human health from any location.

ALC currently employs several certified asbestos experts who regularly consult with various Fortune 500 companies, State and Federal agencies, property managers, architects, and engineers to significantly reduce asbestos exposure and protect overall health. ALC is frequently appointed to identify asbestos, design remediation plans, and provide project oversight for asbestos related projects.

ALC asbestos services include:

Asbestos Investigation and Material Assessment

EPA accredited inspectors perform detailed inspections to identify the presence, condition and quantity of asbestos materials.  If the inspector suspects asbestos is present, samples are taken and analyzed using AHERA standards.  Reports are usually available within twenty-four hours on our web-based scheduling, reporting and archiving system (SRAS).

Hazard Assessment and Management Planning

Comprehensive hazard assessments involving material inspection, air monitoring and exposure assessment data are used to develop asbestos management plans.

Project Design and Construction Management

Using survey and material assessment results, ALC’s design team prepares every document, drawing and project specification needed in the contractor selection process.

Project & Exposure Monitoring

We manage and monitor the remediation process and will be there to ensure compliance every step of the way.

Post-Clearance Testing

ALC experts will perform oversight on remediation contractor final results.  We will make sure no asbestos remains after remediation and that the work was completed to specifications.

Operations and Maintenance Plan

Our job is to assist our clients in implementing these management programs by providing on-site training and top-of-the-line customer service throughout your project.

Expert Witness Services
Laboratory Analysis by PLM, PCM, & TEM